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Jan Bonde Nielsen is a Danish oil tycoon, property developer, nature preservationist, philanthropist, and more. He is involved in many business acquisitions and opportunities in multiple industries.

He has been involved in providing clean, affordable gas to families throughout Africa with Circle Gas and Safaricom founder Michael Joseph. They’ve developed the technology for the smart chips installed in all the Circle Gas meters.

Bonde Nielsen also formed DCK International, one of the world’s largest flower growing groups. The company encompassed over five million cultivated square meters of land and employed 7,000 people.

He has also been a board member or chairman of a variety of listed Danish companies and of the Confederation of Danish Industries, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Horticultural Employers Association.

This site serves as a central location for press, news, and updates about Jan Bonde Nielsen, his work, his philanthropic endeavors, and more.

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